About Us


Seth Hirachand Mutha School

Seth Hirachand Mutha School – CBSE is run by Seth Hirachand Mutha Shaikshanik Trust. It was established in June 2006. The school has been granted affiliation upto Sr.Secondary level i.e upto Std 12th by CBSE Board.

The School campus is well spread over 3.25 acres. The school’s vision is to share its best practices in teaching 21st century skills and be a voice of encouragement to other practitioners. Our vision is to reach a larger audience of students, teachers, school leaders and parents and bridge the education divide using the power of technology.

Every child discovers their potential from a universe of possibilities. School education transcends mere academics. Our endeavour at Seth Hirachand Mutha School is to encourage children to realize latent talent, ascertain areas of interest, hone individual skills, thereby uncovering varied facets of their personality. Our team is passionate about children and education. The school has been on a mission to learn, advocate, and train school teachers through a cross silo network of educators, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and policy-makers who believe in the power of technology and learner-centric innovation in achieving our goals in education.


Apart from an integrated curriculum in academics the School also provides the following facilities

  • Spacious Playground
  • Digitalized Classrooms
  • Well-equipped and Spacious Laboratories
  • Well stocked Library
  • Air-conditioned Auditorium
  • Computer Lab
  • Extra Co-Curricular Activities
    1. Football
    2. Volleyball
    3. Cricket
    4. Chess
    5. Self Defense(Karate)
    6. Dance
    7. Music
    8. Yoga
    9. Scout and Guide
    10. Sports and Performing Arts
    11. National Cadet Corps (NCC)
    12. Skating
  • Highly secured campus
  • Seamless Communication
  • Ours is the first School in Kalyan to introduce and teach GERMAN language
  • Canteen Facility

We provide every child the platform they need to engage and experiment. Through this journey of self-discovery, they are guided to develop their abilities, transforming themselves into responsible citizens of tomorrow. The canvas of the student’s life is wide and open to be explored. Come Discover Yourself!

School Batches & Timing


  • Time: 11:00 to 2:30 PM

Mutha's Kindlepops program is based on 'integrated approach to learning’. An integrated curriculum enables children to pursue learning in a holistic way, without the constraints laid down by subject boundaries. It helps the children to connect and correlate knowledge and experiences across various themes and subjects.

The objective is to ensure that learning is a joyful experience for all children and they are able to comprehend not only what they learn, but also how this learning is relevant to their lives.

Mutha's Kindlepop’s curriculum is program focuses on development of following skills:

  • Cognitive and Linguistic
  • Sensory & Motor
  • Logical Intelligence
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing Social & Emotional skills
  • Gross Motor Skills & Fine Motor Skills
  • Developing Listening Readiness
  • Developing Speaking Readiness
  • Developing Reading Readiness
  • Developing Writing Readiness
  • Building Thinking skills

Our teachers constantly strive to assess whether a child is a Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learner. Accordingly lesson plans are designed to give learning through their style.

At Mutha's Kindlepops, Our Lesson Plans are designed based on the following learnings:

  • Theme based
  • Play based
  • Integrated Kinesthetical Learning

Our teachers have moved away from ‘chalk talk’ and other formal teaching techniques. Our teachers and support staff undergo quality training to support every child’s needs.


  • Time: 8:10 To 2:30 PM

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
-Clay P. Bedford

Being a CBSE affiliated school, primary section runs classes from I to V std. Each division has maximum 40 students . Teaching method as per CBSE pattern is followed by our well qualified and experienced teachers. They put all their efforts to mould the students to their best. They train young minds academically as well as guide them to follow their right path

Inter and Intrapersonal skills are developed by encouraging collaboration amongst learners. Specially curated platforms are given for self-expression and self-reflection nurturing self –evolved and independent learners .

A huge play area is provided for students for various sports activities like Football,Volleyball, Kabbadi, Cricket, Basket ball, Kho-Kho etc , they are played at district level and state level. Extracurricular activities like Dance, Music, Karate, Skating, Football, Chess, Cricket, Volleyball, Yoga is a also the part of curriculum. These activities will enhance your child’s talents and interests focusing on all round personality. All the festivals are celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm to inculcate cultural outlook in students.Regular medical checkup, Parent’s Teacher’s interaction meetings are held in school.The school conducts a grand annual day once a year, where each and every student participates enthusiastically. We believe in overall development of the students.


  • Time: 8:10 To 2:30 PM

The Students of secondary grades of VI to X are provided with a significant understanding of each subject. Once the foundation of learning is established in the primary classes, they are further provided with the required academic rigour to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. We provide our students with an integrated knowledge of Science, Technology, and Mathematics in an easily comprehensible manner through our unique teaching methods.

IT and AI are Vocational subject for std IX and X respectively.

We believe that Computers in school is one of the easiest way to gain knowledge apart from the books. It’s for this reason that we conduct regular computer classes to enhance our student’s knowledge and skills. Computer in education completely enhances students’ mathematical knowledge, critical thinking, and improve scores, besides helping with problem-solving.

NCC and Scout and Guide are also introduced at this level which helps in building confidence and self esteem among the students. They learn important life-skills, team building ,outdoor adventure, education and fun. It helps them to explore, to discover the world beyond classroom, and also helps in all round development , through various activities which are held throughout the year. It provides opportunities to the youth of the country for their all-round development with a sense of Duty, Commitment, Dedication, Discipline and Moral Values so that they become able leaders and useful citizens. Remedial teaching is provided to academically weak students to bridge the gap between themselves and their peers through solidifying their core academics.

The innovative and playful minds of children can do wonders when guided and encouraged to discover new ideas. A science lab offers various opportunities for students to think creatively, develop techniques, and explore their interests.Our well equipped Physics Lab,Biology Lab, Chemistry lab provides opportunity to students to get hands-on experience of the experiments they have learned from the books or from their teachers.

Computer room with Wi-Fi connectivity is also provided for the students.